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By Coach Scott What will finally make you want to change?  I mean really change, not for a month, six months or a year, but a real change for life.  We have all heard people talk about changing; or we have said it ourselves many

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Stop Quitting

Written by Coach Scott The #1 answer for this question to clients when asked: “What is your greatest obstacle in achieving your goals?” ANSWER: “Being consistent!” Everyone always starts with good intentions and good energy but then they quit. STOP F*&%ING QUITTING.  We have 50-80

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What makes you attracted to someone else? A lot of the time it is their physical appearance at first, but that will fade fast if there isn’t more substance to them. I was watching some type of social media the other day, I think it

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What If

What if you gave something all of your effort? Yes, you might still fail… but what if you gave it everything you had? You might succeed and you might fail but at least you knew that you gave it everything. Too many times I hear

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by Scott Romijn Being a leader isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to make a decision and you really don’t know what the right decision is. You use your collective knowledge and experience to make a guess, and sometimes it’s wrong. Just acknowledge it, change

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Ultimate guide to the “CrossFit Open” 2021

“The Ultimate Guide to the 2021 CrossFit Open in Plainfield, IL” Welcome to CrossFit Plainfield’s Ultimate Guide to the CrossFit Open.  This year “the Open” will be different than in previous years, however, the one thing that will not change is the energy, excitement, PR’s

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Learning to Embrace Fear & Stress

We believe that CrossFit Plainfield gets you ready for things that are on your Bucket List. Things like Spartan races; CrossFit competitions and 5K/marathons.  This doesn’t mean that you still don’t feel scared. In fact, as you are standing at the Start line, the nerves

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written by Coach Scott What is the force that drives you to be you? For instance, what makes you get up and go to work each day? What makes you do a good job while you are there? Do you do it for you /your

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Who are you?

Written by: Scott Romijn If I were to ask the 5 people closest to you to describe your characteristics, what would they say? Would you be happy with what you heard? Would the answers match what you think of yourself or would you be surprised?  

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