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60% of the human body is made up of water.  In fact, water is a vital part in many reactions in the body. When these reactions slow down due to lack of water, your:  tissue heals slower  Muscle recovery takes longer Body functions less than

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Sleep and Exercise

By Coach Scott I am sure you have heard many times “you need to get your sleep.”  But do you really know the benefits of sleep? If you workout, are on a sports team, or a physical labor job, getting enough sleep is critical for

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Searching for a healthy lifestyle

What is health or being healthy? by Coach Scott You may wonder what I talk to my clients about during a No Sweat Intro or Goal Review Session. As I listen to a client, I look at 5 factors: Sleep 🛌 Nutrition 🍳 Water 🥛

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Like a tire

I want you to picture a bicycle tire.  The tire consists of many different spokes on the wheel.  Although no one ever really notices them when everything is working well, all sorts of trouble will break lose when something goes wrong with one. You see,

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What’s your ‘why’?

So many times I get asked “Why did you open a gym? What are the benefits?”  For me, that question is easy to answer because I know my why. You see, I love what I do!   Watching people walk in for the first time, scared,

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What we see

Early one morning, I observed an athlete walk into the gym and instantly could tell something was off. They walked in like the weight of the world was on their shoulders. You see this athlete normally walks in excited, with a little bounce in their

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Recently I had the chance to get away, which doesn’t happen very often, and found myself alone. I took this opportunity to unplug from everything – phone, TV, Facebook, etc. I will admit, at first it was kind of awkward.  What would I do with

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Why we cheer

“Why do we cheer during workouts?” Every day, we have hundreds of people who walk through our doors at CrossFit Plainfield from all walks of life.  Teachers, doctors, nurses, grandmothers, students, stay-at-home moms and dads, law enforcement officers, firemen, etc.  We all have a few

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“SLEEP! We all know it’s important, yet we find ourselves struggling to get enough. Lack of sleep can hinder skill-based tasks and workouts, increase risk of illness and injury, ramp up the inflammatory stress hormone cortisol (which is responsible for abdominal fat storage), and more.

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