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group training

Group training for all individuals regardless of age, experience or limitation. Each class is coach led and workouts are scaled to members fitness level.


Customized training based on your goals and a coach that keeps you accountable.


Make a plan with a nutrition coach, regardless of your current lifestyle.

our community


My first impression was that of amazement!! I saw all these incredible people doing all these amazingly strong and cool things with weights and doing tough exercises and wondering if I would be able to do that. Now I don’t wonder, because now I’m one of those people doing all those amazingly strong and cool things with weights.

Words of Wisdom: “Keep working on yourself, keep up with your nutrition, and remember if you want to be good at something, you have to be consistent.”


“I’ve always enjoyed working out, but am easily distracted and bored at a regular gym and never make any progress. That’s why CrossFit workouts are perfect for me, always fun, interesting, different, and no room for distractions like my phone or having to worry about planning my workout.”


“I stopped in to CrossFit Plainfield because I was concerned about my sons overall health. I spoke to Coach Scott about my concerns regarding him and I remember Scott saying at the end of our conversation, “What about you”. He was 100% correct- why wasn’t I emphasizing my health?”


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