By Coach Scott

What will finally make you want to change? 

I mean really change, not for a month, six months or a year, but a real change for life. 

We have all heard people talk about changing; or we have said it ourselves many times. Changing things  such as eating habits, a job, working out, relationships with friends or spouse, or spending habits. You pick the change! 

But nothing ever happens.  It’s all talk.

There is either no change or for a short time there is but it doesn’t stick. People are then back to the same old thing and talking about changing again. 

A successful nutrition coach that I know was giving a talk the other day about a client of hers. We will call the client Becky.  Becky had signed up for nutrition with the coach 3 times and it didn’t work.  Becky signed up again for the fourth time and BAM! Success. 

What changed in Becky? The coach was still the same and taught the same information, the difference this time was Becky was finally able to receive the change and follow through.

Ideas sound really good, you hear it and you say to yourself I need to do that. So you buy in and try to do it but little do you know you were not ready and you didn’t know that you were not ready. 

There are many roadblocks that we encounter daily that may distract our need for change. We only have enough energy to remove so many roadblocks. If we keep having to remove the same ones, every day, we will never make progress and open up space in our lives for new opportunities. 

Building positive routines and habits helps to remove those roadblocks. Start small. For example, think about drinking a glass of water when you wake up.  Go to bed every night at the same time and wake up every morning at the same time. Start with these simple building blocks and keep adding to them to build the life that you want.

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