Different Types of People in Fitness

Different Types of People in Fitness

When it comes to fitness, there are a lot of different types of people and goals. For some, weight loss is the ultimate goal, while others may be more interested in building muscle mass or improving their endurance levels. We may have all had our own fitness goals, but when it comes down to it, we’re all trying to do the same thing – stay healthy! What works for one person might not work for another.

Here are three types of groups that we typically see.

1. Newbies. These are the people who haven’t worked out in years, if at all. They are usually slightly overweight and need to lose some body fat. They lack muscle, have no idea what to do with the gym, eat poorly, and have a fearful mindset. They drove down the street eight times before making an appointment, or they made three appointments and never showed up. The majority of these people are at their lowest point or lack self-confidence.

This type of person should remember that no one is watching you. If you show up, you will gain the respect of everyone in the gym, and things will begin to happen. You’ll feel better, gain confidence, lose some of that extra weight, feel more robust, and make some gym friends who are excited to see you when you walk in. It may take some time for it to become a habit, and the first few weeks or months may be the most difficult, but you must consistently show up to build that routine.

2. Starters and Stoppers. These are the people who are half in half out, not committed to their fitness goals. They’ve had some success with exercise and losing weight over the years, but they always quit too soon and never develop good habits or overall lifestyle changes. 

These people know what they need to do. They understand the benefits of exercise and eating correctly, but they continually let that little voice in their head win on making excuses for them not to continue it. 

  • “I don’t have time” Most people often reason this out when working out, but they can watch tv or Netflix all day long, scrolling through their social media or gadgets for hours. We all have time; the busiest, most successful people in the world make time for fitness because it’s super important.
  • “I don’t have money” is the second most common excuse people tend to make, and yet they were able to eat out most of the time, post their coffee shop photos, buy a new item, or go on vacations. Anyone can spend their money in different ways, but health and wellness are probably the most important ways to pay and invest your money.
  • “I don’t have motivation” This excuse is one of the toughest ones to overcome. We are all having a hard time keeping up with our motivation. However, we should also have to work on the positive thoughts in our heads all the time, not just for a day. It’s okay to have some rest days, some cheat days, as long as you’re still committed and always focus on your goals to achieve them.

3. Fitness Freak. These people love to work out, and they’re like the fanatics. People who work out almost every day and don’t take breaks to beat themselves up if they miss a day. Their nutrition is pretty great, probably 70 to 90%, but they need some mindset work. These fitness enthusiasts need to understand what rest days are and whether it’s okay to miss a day or go for a walk and it’s okay to eat some pizza. Sometimes other people look at them and think it’s easier for them. Still, in reality, it’s not as they also struggle mentally, just in a different way than people who aren’t motivated to work out. They’re obsessed in a wrong way with how they look and how they eat. They want perfection. They want to lose one more percent body fat or add five more pounds to their deadlift or bench press. So this group needs new goals. They need other reasons to train and understand that there are other fun things to do.

Each one of these three groups had its challenges. So whichever group you’re in, setting goals is one of the keys to success. The first step in achieving any goal is to identify what we want from ourselves and then write those down so they’re clear in our minds. Once this has been done, we can start reaching those goals by making a plan of action. Programs give direction and motivation as well as help us stay on track with our progress. Achieve that goal, set a new one, achieve it, set a new one, basically keep repeating and find someone to hold you accountable. You can have a coach, a friend, or a partner that is someone to keep you going, and most importantly, have some fun.

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