Do you sometimes confront your fears? How do you deal with your fears? Do you stare fear in the eyes and dare it to return your stare? Whatever your fear is, face it head-on. If you examine closely, you’ll see that fear lies at the base of whatever is preventing you from moving forward. Fear is, in fact, the basis of many of the negative feelings we experience.

To be able to transcend and face your fears, you must first comprehend what it is. Fear is a destructive emotion that has a lot of power over us. So many factors influence our lives. There are numerous considerations and roles that we must fulfill. We all have to be someone and “someone to someone” at some point in our lives; we must be a parent or mother while also being a son or daughter, a student or a teacher, a friend and a brother, and sometimes we must be all of these things at the same time. We take solace in this challenging effort, but we wonder, “When will I be able to be just me without needing to be confirmed and assigned roles?” The answer to this question may be summed up in one word: FEAR. We become so accustomed to the roles that we abandon our identities in favor of a less dangerous identity. We believe the risk is too significant for us to take, and we would choose the safe route rather than risk becoming a better version of ourselves. We risk achievement because of fear, we attempt our own lives because of fear, and we risk nothing because of fear.

You must also be able to create an action list of things; you must make a to-do list that pertains directly to the achievement of your goal to achieve success. Make a daily list or schedule of all the critical tasks you need to complete and accomplish. Then go ahead and do them. One by one, achieve them. Make a note of the activities that occupy your time, such as watching TV, sleeping longer than usual, playing computer games, vain shopping, etc. Include several chapters from a decent book in your plan. Take a snooze in the afternoon. Make a point of doing the duties you sometimes dread and doing favors for family and friends.

Don’t let fear dictate your journey. Take a step ahead, improve your skills, and overcome your fears. Some worries are beneficial, but the majority of fears are annoying. The essential takeaway is that you must choose which anxieties are helpful to you and keep them under control. So go ahead and confront your fears. No one will do it for you, and by the way, successful people’s behavior patterns should be copied. NO, I didn’t duplicate what they do; I told you to mimic their patterns of conduct. Their success is most likely due to those tendencies. If you want to be successful, rub shoulders with someone already successful and do what they do, but in your unique way. There are numerous successful recipes available, requiring a significant amount of effort. So, one bite at a time, eat that elephant!

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