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Do you sometimes think about how you can successfully achieve your goals in life? One thing you need to do to get where you want is to focus on a big goal. Everyone is focused on that big goal, whatever it is, that last thing they want. That is great, but the promise is too big. We can’t just go from zero and just snap; you achieved a goal. It doesn’t happen. We need this big goal because that’s your vision, but it should not be your only focus. We need to focus on those little things. We should be focusing on small goals and actions that we need to do towards the overall goal or vision. 

Pick one or two small goals a day that you can accomplish. These are wins, and they help you to move forward. They get you to move into where you want to be or dream of whatever you want. But the process is all the same, whoever you are. It all comes on the small tasks. When you start compounding these small tasks, actions begin to happen. You need to enjoy the process no matter what it is and not just the end goal. There will be challenging moments when things won’t go as well as you planned. There would be setbacks and failures which are out of your control. You might need to adapt and change your focus to do something else that begins right now and not wait. There is always something that you can do to move. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you think your goals are. The important thing is that it still forces you in the right direction. 

One example to make more sense, I want to be healthy. Being healthy is different depending on how you define it yourself. If I want to weigh 200 pounds, and I currently weigh 300 pounds, my big goal is to lose 100 pounds. The question is, how will I do it? I need to set my tasks to get to that goal. I will go for a five-minute walk for a day, get 8 hours of sleep, eat a piece of fruit at night, exercise every morning, eat a granola bar instead of not eating breakfast, and do breathing exercises every morning. That’s all a win for me. It’s a lifestyle change over time. To reach my big goal, I need to maintain and compound all these routines.

Don’t just focus on that big goal. Focus on that one thing you can do and then on to the next until you reach your big goal. When you keep compounding all your small wins, you will attain the big goal you want. Just start with that one thing.

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