Did you ever feel like being demotivated exercising? Many people walk through my gym, and the number one thing that holds them back and prevents them from being successful in their health and fitness is being consistent. 

Based on my experience, I start and stop and never get anywhere from it. You quit when you don’t see success or movement in the right direction. But it takes time, not a week, not a month, but a year. Give it like a year. You will probably see significant results in small things, and those results will build momentum for a minimum of a year. I never hear from people that exercise is not helpful or that they don’t have money and time to do it, it is always consistency that they struggle with. 

In order to be consistent, you have to change your mindset and change it straight to your head. Tell yourself that you need to exercise for you to change your health. It would help if you were consistent. Small bumps like family problems and sickness will keep you on track when you’re in the right mindset. It would also help if you were compassionate about being healthy. 

Some people are born with that intense workout, but not always. It’s something that can be learned, like learning how to cook or paint, and it takes time to develop and learn. It seems easy to work out for most people because everyone keeps on working out but it’s not. 

That’s why you need a coach, and everybody needs a coach. When you start to gain momentum after being consistent for a long time, you don’t want to overeat or drink alcohol. You’ve changed your priority and outlook. Consistency can affect everybody. With the right mindset, you’ll push through it. 

Here are the six steps to help you change your mindset about exercise: 

  1. Self-motivation. Share your goals with your family members or friends. Work out with them and get healthy. Make a schedule for workouts and show up. Think of working out with people you want to spend your time with. You can also go for a hike or join a sports team.
  2. Get a tech unit. Technology makes everything fun. Everybody wants to track how many steps they did in a day and what calories were burned after exercising.
  3. Take your time. Learning new things takes time, and some people never like exercising. You need to learn how to love exercise. 
  4. Try something new. This can be scary, but it’s also fun and exciting. There are lots of exercises out there and don’t be afraid to try them. Think of skiing, kickboxing, yoga, tennis, and other activities. It’s fun, and you will enjoy doing it. 
  5. Enjoy your rest day. Don’t work out too much for you to suffer. It produces injuries that we don’t want. Go home and rest. It’s okay to take a break. Give your body a chance to recover. Napping or binge-watching can be a good rest, and you should enjoy it.
  6. Find your why. The best motivation comes from within. It has to come from you, and why do you want it. You should know your fears and strengths. Some of the reasons people are working out are that they want to spend a long time with their kids, look better, or go through a breakup. Whatever gets you out of bed and gets you moving is good motivation.

Exercise is for a lifetime. Work on these six things to motivate you. Once you get the right mindset, you’ll get the health benefits. Your biggest wins are your mindset and consistency.

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