What to Focus on to Have Good Leadership

What does it mean to be a good leader?

Is it about being decisive, assertive, and always in control?

Or is there more to it than that?

Being a good leader is about setting the right example, being authentic, and showing empathy.

There are lots of definitions out there of what a great leader is. It is about more than just barking orders and taking charge; it’s also about putting yourself in other people’s shoes and showing empathy and understanding for their perspectives.

Leaders need to communicate effectively with team members, listen to input, and give clear instructions.

Some people say that you’re born a natural leader. While you might have some of the qualities, such as people naturally look up to you and follow you. Or you always are the one who takes charge of a situation when no one else steps up.

Although these are good things, they don’t necessarily make you a good leader.

Yes, it is the start of good leadership.

Still, good leaders have the responsibility to lead by example and show them how to give clear direction, motivation, and inspiration.

You have to develop your own and live by it. Because if you’re not doing what you say to other people, they’re not going to follow you.

So what do you need to focus on to become a good leader?

The first step is to develop as many ideas as possible to become a better leader. These are the tasks that you can do over the next 90 days. Your team should know what your vision is. Assess yourself what your leadership within your team looks like.

How can they communicate with you?

Do you have open communication?

Ask how you can help support them. You can do it by having a slack channel for the team so both sides can talk easier. Have a weekly meeting, and do 90-day goals with them. You can also become a good leader by listening to some podcasts, reading a book, or taking a course on the research quality of being a good leader.

The true essence of being a leader has these qualities; Integrity, self-awareness, ability to delegate gratitude, learning agility, having influence, empathy, courage, respect, and being good at communication and accepting feedback.

These qualities can sometimes be harder to find in leaders, but they are essential to creating a successful team.

Focus on becoming better and improving yourself.

Just keep practicing being a good leader and adjust what you’re doing.

If you make a mistake, admit it and just move on.

As long as you remain humble and stay true to your values, you can lead with confidence and inspire others to achieve great things.

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