Why We Workout

It’s no secret that there are countless health benefits to working out. Exercise has been proven to help weight loss, improve mental health, and prevent chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. So why, then, do some people love to work out while others seem to dread it? The answer likely lies in what motivates people differently. 

Working out can be a love-hate relationship. Some people love how it makes them feel, while others despise every minute. There are a lot of reasons why people choose to work out. Some do it to stay healthy, to lose weight, and others do it to maintain their weight. There are just people who are naturally addicted to working out. They won’t miss a date no matter what as it’s like just a way of life for them. They love to chase the pump and enjoy the challenge and sense of accomplishment that pushes their bodies to their limits. But some people don’t love working out and find every excuse possible not to go to the gym. People who don’t like to work out often struggle with feelings of guilt or self-judgment around food and their bodies. They may see exercise as a punishment rather than something that brings pleasure. Maybe they’ve tried it so often that they can’t stick with it for more than weeks or months. Hence, they just give up.

Everybody has a hard time when they first start with their goals. However, if you just consistently stay with it, you’ll get better, it becomes more fun, and eventually, you will see progress. This mindset shift needs to occur because we all know that workout isn’t always going to go the way we want. Instead of getting discouraged and giving up, use that as an opportunity to learn and grow. Having a mindset shift when things don’t go our way, having a mindset shift is key to maintaining productivity and happiness. When we feel better about ourselves, we act more confidently in all areas of our lives. Thus, it’s not impossible to get back in shape, but it’s not that hard if you have been consistently working on your health over the last 20 years. To put it simply, you need to consistently be exercising to improve your self-confidence, be the healthiest you can be, and live a long and happy life.

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