Learning to Embrace Fear & Stress

We believe that Crossfit Plainfield gets you ready for things that are on your Bucket List. Things like Spartan races; CrossFit competitions and 5K/marathons.  This doesn’t mean that you still don’t feel scared. In fact, as you are standing at the Start line, the nerves probably start kicking in …… can I do this….. wait……am I ready? ……. 3-2-1GO!

Here’s how learning to embrace the scary stuff and handle your stress can allow you to live your best life possible.

Studies show that our bodies do not know the difference between fear and excitement. Both emotions are felt in our body. Most of us, experience a physical sensation of fear in our stomach (often noted as “gut instinct”.)  Whereas, excitement is a pretty close second with the feeling of “butterflies” – again the stomach region.

As we become adults, our “default response to increased blood pressure, elevated heart rate and surging adrenaline is fear.”  Reading that sentence, do you feel your heart rate start to increase?  Do you start to feel scared or maybe a little anxious? 

Now imagine yourself:  in a competition, standing over a heavy barbell before a max rep event.  The clock is ticking and your competition partner leans over and expresses words of encouragement. The fear starts to subside a little and excitement takes over as you know that someone is in your corner. They believe in you even when you may not.

As I think of this memory, I know that the anticipation of that heavy barbell was worse than the event.

Our fear of what MIGHT happen is always way worse from what actually happens. We play out the worst-case scenario(s), and we do this for days prior to the event. Our brains do not know what is making us fearful or stressed. Every time we are stressed or fearful we are releasing a little more adrenaline and cortisol.

Avoiding the hard stuff – waiting, deliberating, anticipating—they’re always worse than doing.

How can you take action?  Put the stress/anxiety in perspective.

Will you actually remember this in a year?

If not, it’s not worth stressing about.

If you WILL remember a year from now, it’s REALLY worth doing.

Our fear and the ability to overcome it often lead to great stories that will help others.  Share your story because any story without overcoming an obstacle is boring.

Inspiration provided by Chris Cooper at Catalystgym.com.


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