written by Coach Scott

What is the force that drives you to be you?

For instance, what makes you get up and go to work each day? What makes you do a good job while you are there?

Do you do it for you /your spouse/ your kids/ your parents/ your friends?

Think about that for a minute.

Is it for the money? position or power? prestige? the title?

Usually when you meet someone new the first thing they ask is “what do you do?” Are you proud when you answer? Is this what you imagined you would be doing when you were a kid and still dreamed? Are you happy with where you are at? When Sunday night arrives do you dread Monday morning? If so, why are you settling?

Maybe you are “too old.” Or you simply don’t have time or money.

Is your FORCE not strong enough to make a change. Most often we don’t feel confident enough in ourselves to do this. Other people believe in us more than we believe in ourselves. 

We have all heard this question before “If you could change your career today what would you do? People answer Doctor, lawyer, carpenter, artist whatever they dreamed. So why don’t you go do this? They laugh and again say, “I’m too old.” I had a woman tell me a story recently. Her mom was 60 and retired and always wanted to be a nurse. She went back to school, got her degree and had a fulfilling career as a nurse for 15 years. Her FORCE was so strong that she wasn’t going to let her age get in the way.

Have you lost your FORCE? Do you need help getting it back? We all need a coach to help us. To guide us in the right direction, to provide a clear path so that you can figure out how you can be the best you.

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