Like a tire

I want you to picture a bicycle tire.  The tire consists of many different spokes on the wheel.  Although no one ever really notices them when everything is working well, all sorts of trouble will break lose when something goes wrong with one.

You see, these mighty little spokes have some important jobs – they add strength to the rim and support your weight on the wheel.

Just like that bicycle tire, I am made up of more than the tire. Each one of my spokes “roles” supports the tire. I am:

  1. A daughter
  2. A wife
  3. A mom
  4. A manager
  5. A coach
  6. An athlete (although this one I still have a hard time thinking of)

You see each of my jobs is important!  Should I put all my time and energy in 1 spoke, the rest of the spokes will suffer.

I’ll be completely honest, I have done just that in the different stages of my life. 

When my kids were babies and toddlers, I wanted to be the best Mom. To do that, I believed I had to give 100% to them. I mean, everyone kept telling me these days go quickly, so why not.  When I look back at those days, my role as a wife probably wasn’t the best, and taking care of myself – yeah right!  I know all the moms reading this can relate.

But what I didn’t see at the time (that I am starting to see now) is this: If I don’t put myself, my health, my well-being, FIRST, all the spokes that make up who I am will start to crack. 

What if I don’t take care of me? What happens to my parents, sister, brother, husband, children? They may either have to take care of me because something horrible happened or would have to go on without me.

Yes, that sounds dramatic and no one wants to think about their life ending. I certainly don’t. 

I DO, on the other hand, want to do everything I can to be healthy and live a long life. I want to see my kids grow and maybe one day get married and have kids of their own. I want to grow old with my husband and enjoy retirement.

So for 3-5 hours a week of the 168 hours we have, I can dedicate that time to making sure I get to the gym.  It’s not selfish. My family is better off for it. I have more energy, I’m not as cranky or short, I feel better, and I’m stronger in so many ways.

So for everyone out there who looks at their “spokes” and see all the things they are but puts themselves last – please stop!  You only get one amazing life to be the best you that you can be. Doesn’t your family and friends deserve you to be healthy, energetic, and most of all happy?

If you are ready to take the steps to put YOU first, click the link below and schedule a free “No Sweat” Intro.  We can tell you from experience, you won’t regret making that appointment.

C. Sandy

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