Searching for a healthy lifestyle

What is health or being healthy? by Coach Scott

You may wonder what I talk to my clients about during a No Sweat Intro or Goal Review Session. As I listen to a client, I look at 5 factors:

  1. Sleep 🛌
  2. Nutrition 🍳
  3. Water 🥛
  4. Exercise 🏃‍♂️
  5. Mindset/Stress 🧘‍♀️

If any one of these factors are off, it has rippling effects into the others. Some of these are basic things that we should be doing. Sounds easy, right? It is harder than it sounds.

Sleep: Minimum of 6 hours, goal is 7+ hours. If we don’t sleep enough, we crave bad carbs and sugars.

Nutrition: We know we should eat lean meats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. I ask people all the time “Did you eat any fruit or vegetables today?” and they answer “no.” This is why they have no energy or feel blah.

Water: Water is essential for us to survive and people still don’t drink a single glass of water in a day. There are lots of theories on how much water we need. A simple way to look at it is eight 8 oz. glasses or half a gallon.

Mindset/Stress: Mindset—Do we have a positive or abundance mindset? Are the people in your life lifting you up or pulling you down?

Stress—Does every little thing bother you? Are you always angry? These can cripple you or cause depression.

Exercise: Move 30-40 minutes a day. It doesn’t have to be crazy hard. One of the best phrases someone once told me was “Motion is medicine.”

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