What makes you attracted to someone else? A lot of the time it is their physical appearance at first, but that will fade fast if there isn’t more substance to them. I was watching some type of social media the other day, I think it was TikTok, a woman was speaking to guys and basically she said no one cares about how big your biceps are or how great your hair is. They care about whether you are being a dick. So guys don’t be a dick!

There is so much more that makes up a person. Can they hold a conversation?  Do they have multiple interests? Are they driven? Do they want more out of life? Do they care about other people? Can they fit into any social setting? Are they outgoing? Do they take care of themselves?  Do they want to try new things? Are they a hard worker? Are they caring, honest, true to their word? Do they admit to their mistakes and grow from them? I think I could go on and on about personality traits. These are the things that make you want to be with someone forever.

When Jamie and I went on our first date it was for lunch. A lunch that lasted 5 hrs. We talked non-stop.  It was effortless and we got along so well. From that day on, I knew she was the one. The level of attraction was so much more than appearance or physical. When you know you know.

Continue to always work on yourself, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Being attractive on the inside is just as important or maybe even more important than the outside. -Coach Scott

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