What If

What if you gave something all of your effort? Yes, you might still fail… but what if you gave it everything you had? You might succeed and you might fail but at least you knew that you gave it everything.

Too many times I hear people say that the tried something and it didn’t work. Whether it’s a diet, workout routine, a business venture, a marriage, learning a new sport, or your job. Take the blame off of everybody else and put it on you.

Win or lose, you know in your heart you did everything you could.

I bet you would feel much better about yourself. 

There are so many excuses out there that you could use. I think I may have heard them all but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some new ones:

I work too much;

I can never stick to something;

I’m too old;

I don’t have the money;

Blah blah blah. There is always a solution to everything.

Get a new job. Every business owner I know is hiring.

Stop being a quitter, hire a coach to keep you accountable.

I’m too old – bullshit! I know a 75 yr woman who just started exercising.

Money – get a better job, work harder, look at where you actually spend money, make what you want to do a priority.

You and only you are responsible for your success!

Did you give it your all? Your actual all.

There are resources to help you: school, online courses, (everything is on the internet), find a mentor/ coach. If you need a lot of money there are investors with money looking for the next thing.

Only YOU are holding you back from making you successful.

Now is the time to go after IT and give it your all. – Coach Scott

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