Why You Should Exercise and How to Deal With It

It’s nothing new that people often talk about getting into shape as their goal in life, especially when the New Year is about to come. People say that they will exercise and be more aware of their diet to get fit and healthy. But, we all know that saying “it is easier said than done.”

There are a lot of benefits that exercise gives. Not only does it gives us a strong body, but it also keeps us healthy in every way. An article from the PMC stated that exercise improves mental health. A simple aerobic exercise that includes walking, jogging, or dancing reduces anxiety and depression. Exercise also negates negative moods and improves self-esteem and cognitive function. 

According to a statistic, the most popular New Year’s resolution of the Americans for 2021 was “doing more exercise or improving my fitness,” and the second one is “losing weight.” The first one was pointed out by 50 percent of the respondents while the latter, 48 percent of the respondents. In conclusion, about half of Americans wanted to start 2021 by getting in shape.

“Exercising is easy.” That’s how we say it, but it’s honestly hard to do. You need to commit yourself and discipline yourself to work on it. By working on it, we often make excuses because we don’t want to lose our so-called “precious time” for the day and just often tend to think of doing it the next day or the next week.

So, when is the right time if you don’t do it today? If not today, when? If you don’t have a firm answer, then you have to know first what kind of person you are when it comes to fitness. Knowing who you are is knowing what method you should use to commit yourself. Next is, setting up a daily routine. This will help you start your day positively. And lastly, work on it! Exercising with the right plan and mindset will surely make an enjoyable experience!

Do you plan to get healthy and fit this coming 2022? If you’re having trouble with being accountable for your overall fitness, then we can help you out! Reach us, and together, we will start your fitness journey!

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