Getting Proper Nutrition

Losing weight is tough. It’s hard to exercise, it’s hard to eat healthy, and it’s tough when you’re struggling with your body image. So it’s no wonder that so many people turn to starvation diets to lose weight quickly. But what these people may not realize is that starving yourself isn’t a healthy way to lose weight – in fact, it can be downright dangerous.

Many people have turned to FAD diets for weight loss in recent years, but their popularity has come with some drawbacks. Many of these diet fads are restrictive and can result in bingeing or over-exercising to compensate for lack of food intake. To lose weight quickly, people resort to extreme measures such as starvation. But is this a healthy way to lose weight? And more importantly, is it sustainable? People often think that they will lose weight faster if they don’t eat. However, when you starve yourself, your body goes into survival mode and starts storing fat instead of burning it. This can lead to health problems down the road.

Most people tend to starve themselves because they believe it is the quickest way to lose weight, following some diets programs online, which have a lot of restricting methods.

These diets are often marketed as being “easy” or “quick.” They all claim that they work, but probably due to a short amount of time. So what do you do when you’re done with that diet? You go back to the same old habits. You will gain all the weight back that you lost because you haven’t developed a proper diet and lifestyle that you can sustain over time. So what you need is someone to teach you the basics to hold you accountable, pick you back up when you fall because you’re going to fall off. And it’s okay, as long as you still keep on going in achieving your fitness goals. The proper nutrition and overall purpose are not to remove bad food choices in your diet but to keep introducing better ones. You could still have pizza and beer, just not all the time. Don’t go overboard because you will fall off the wagon if you feel deprived or restricted too much. 

When you don’t deprive or restrict yourself from certain foods, you have more energy, sleep better, gain more muscle, perform better in your workouts, and look better. When you start seeing these results, it motivates you to keep working on yourself, the goal. Each of us is designed differently, and we consume food and absorb it differently than everybody else. That’s one of the main reasons every diet doesn’t work for everybody. Fitness is more than just looking good; it’s about feeling good, living healthy, and getting the most out of life.

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