By Coach Scott

It’s hard to focus or concentrate when your thoughts or feelings are fixated or stuck on something else. We are usually fixated on something because it is negative. 

This happened to me recently while on vacation. The house we rented was hit by a hurricane and we lost electricity and water for 6 days with temps at 93 degrees. The owner said it was an act of god and there was nothing he could do about it and refunded us $500 (about the cost of 1 night.) We were on our own to figure out what to do and where to stay. I forgot to mention that we have no cell phone service either. The cell towers were out. We found a grocery store with a café, grabbed a coffee and used their Wi-Fi to find a place to stay.

We were both stressed, tired, frustrated but safe. We had food and important to me, air conditioning. My wife asked me later that night, “how many responses have you come up with in your head to answer the owner of the house?” I said at least 50! It was consuming my thoughts and making me angrier by the minute.

Now the thing is if you stay in this thought process for too long it will ruin your day, week, our whole vacation and beyond.  So we needed to get unstuck and fast.

How do you do that?

Well you need to fix the problem.

There is almost always a solution or a work around.

Addressing the situation as soon as you can get you through it faster. 

First you need to calm down so you can think and react rationally.

Try going for a walk, Box breathing, a run or workout, something to change your thought process. In our case we chose to not respond to him, we did a “reset” together. 

A reset is when a conversation or situation is not going well or seems to be at a standstill. One or both of us will call “RESET”. We stop, hold hands and breathe together to clear our minds and focus on the next positive thing. This works great.

Next time you find yourself in one of these situations where you are frustrated or feel stuck give the “RESET” a try.

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