Looking past excuses

By Scott Romijn

I talk to a lot of people! 🙂 Not just at the gym but everywhere I go.

Whenever I meet someone new they always ask “what do you do?” When I tell them about Crossfit Plainfield one of the answers I usually get is “I would like to workout but I have this injury.”

I’m sure you have heard that before right?

Sometimes that injury is legitimate but most of the time it is an excuse.

People use an injury as a crutch, away of getting out of something that they are afraid to do.

Everyone feels uncomfortable when they start. They are not sure what to do, feel to out of shape, worried people will make fun of them. Everyone has those thoughts but once you actually start you will see it’s not so bad, you can do more than you think, and people are actually helpful.

The only regret I ever hear is “I wish I would have done this sooner.” They start to see results right away
and feel better about themselves.

An injury should not stop us for the most part. You may be delayed for a little bit but there is almost
always a way around it or a modification to a certain exercise.

There are so many studies out right now that show the overwhelming benefits of exercise not just physically but mentally as well. Exercise is something that should be done as a child and continued on forever. Remember “Movement is Medicine!”

I have had my fair share of injuries and bumps in the road along my fitness journey. But not once did I
ever say to myself “I can’t exercise anymore because of this.” It actually made me want to do it even more.

Here are a few of the things that I have had to overcome:
Broken collarbone
torn ligament in ankle
broken toe
broken hand
stitches in my chin
cracked tooth
disc bulge in neck
disc bulge in back
ACL surgery
Broken Jaw
complete tear in left rotator cuff
complete tear in right rotator cuff
meniscus surgery x2
torn calf muscle
3 broken ribs
torn muscle in forearm
4 broken fingers
cortisone shot in ankle
cortisone shot in left knee

cortisone shot in right knee
stem cell shot in both knees and shoulders x2
fluid removed from left knee
broken jaw
front tooth knocked out
torn Ab
steel removed from eye
broken blood vessel in eye (separate from steel in eye)
broken back
torn ligament in wrist
sprains /strains – wrist, ankle, knee, back, neck, groin, hamstring
torn bicep
blood pressure problem
stitches in my trap
broken tibia
dislocated jaw
dog bite
too many ER visits to mention but two memorable ones are
bungee cord broke and got stuck up inside my nose
hit my leg with a sledge Hammer
dozens of lidocaine shots
both knees need to be replaced

I’m sure I am missing some but I think you get the point.

I workout at least 3x a week every week.

I workout to stay strong.

To stay healthy.

To stay young.

If I stop I feel everyone of those thing listed above. I don’t make excuses and I want you to stop as well.

We all have something that we are dealing with.

The alternative is not a choice.

Make a choice today and start exercising.

There are a lot of options out there, find something that you enjoy and get on it.

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