By C. Scott

What are you afraid of? I mean really afraid of?

Not spiders, snakes or heights but really afraid of. That’s what is holding you back in life.

Do you want to know mine? It is being made fun of, looking stupid or being in an uncomfortable situation. If you know me you would ask really? You don’t show that. But it’s true. If you see me sweating when it’s not hot, especially on my nose, then I am uncomfortable as hell. 

Now that you know that I better not see you staring at me to see if I’m sweating.😀

We all have triggers that scare us and prevent us from trying new things whether for fun or in our careers. Imagine if you could remove those fears, what would you be able to accomplish or have fun doing.

Are you afraid to ask a girl or guy out? I bet they are as well. That might be your future wife or husband but you will never know unless you ask.

Fear is such a limiting factor.

If you can remove that then the future possibilities are endless. Fear of failure is probably the biggest one.

If you can understand that everyone fails then maybe you will be able to shrug it off and be like it was just my turn. I know that may sound corny but think of the best sports player you know, they are the best of the best but they still don’t make every pass or shot or win every game. What they do is learn from their mistakes, practice more and get better. 

That same thing applies to everything. Such as writing, podcasts or asking someone on a date. You won’t be good at it when you start but I guarantee the more reps you take the better you will get and the more success you will have.

It’s time to stop letting fear limit your life and start to attack them and take control of them. It’s only then that you will be able to live the life that you have wanted.

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