What’s your ‘why’?

So many times I get asked “Why did you open a gym? What are the benefits?”  For me, that question is easy to answer because I know my why.

You see, I love what I do!   Watching people walk in for the first time, scared, unsure, and feeling vulnerable, that’s where my passion lies.

 I want to see people exceed in their journey. I want to watch them walk in the gym each and every day feeling a bit more confident.  I want to hear their stories on how they have overcome anxiety or depression; weight loss, made friends, and more.

I want to know their families and their friends.  I care about the members of my gym and my staff.

I want Crossfit Plainfield to be the place that people come, feel accepted, loved, and are proud of being a part of.

Often times when I am meeting with someone, I ask them “why” they want to workout or lose weight or (insert any number of things here), and they can’t give me an answer.

Knowing “why” you are doing something gives you a goal, a reason, and a purpose.

If you don’t know why you are working on a project, how much effort will you put into it? 

Now imagine if you knew that this project was going to land the biggest account you have ever had.  You would put that much more into the project because you knew why you were doing it.

Everyone needs a why!

Sometimes we get lost in our day to day activities and therefore forget our why. Sometimes we have grown and changed and our why changes also. That’s okay.

There are times that in the craziness of the day to day, I forget my why. 

Frustrated, I sit and think about the day and all the complications that happened. 

You know what usually happens after that, I get a call/text/email from someone who gives me good news about a recent PR or a hurdle that they just overcame and I’m reminded of my ‘why’ again.

So what is your why? 

Do you go about your day unsure, unhappy or scared?

Let us help you find your why again. 
-Coach Scott

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