What we see

Early one morning, I observed an athlete walk into the gym and instantly could tell something was off. They walked in like the weight of the world was on their shoulders.

You see this athlete normally walks in excited, with a little bounce in their walk, and ready for whatever I throw at them, but not today. 

Today when they greeted me, the conversation went a little like this:
Athlete: Hey Coach, not sure about today.
Coach: You doing ok?  You look a bit stressed.
Athlete: Yea I know – work is kicking my butt, and my kids activities are getting busy. I’m just struggling and I really need your help.  You see this is the time I want to quit.
Coach: Quit? You’ve been doing so well.
Athlete: I know and I really don’t want to quit. But that’s what I do. When life gets busy, I put myself aside.
Coach: No way!  Not this time.  This time you will continue for YOU.  Remember this is the best thing for you, your family and your mental health. I’m not letting you quit.
Athlete: I know you’re right. (But I could still see the doubt in their eyes).
Coach: C’mon let’s get to work.

This particular workout was a half hour long from start to finish.  Here’s what I saw as I watched this athlete.  They got to work, the slumped shoulders – they started to lift a bit, the weary look on their face – it started to go away, and they started to move a little more confident.

By the time this athlete walked out of their session, a SMILE was on their face, a little bounce was back to their walk, and a great big hug was given to the Coach.

These are the days that remind us why we Coach.  My job as a Coach isn’t just to tell someone how to move or what to do. My job is also to make that half hour or hour, the very BEST hour of their day. 

My job is to let their work, home life, stresses, and worries, be out of their mind during the time they are in the gym.  It’s their time to do something for themselves.

If work, life, or your health has you thinking like this athlete, put on your workout clothes, lace up your gym shoes, and get moving.  YOU will thank yourself for the time you spent on you because you are worth it.

3-2-1 GO!

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